Soraya & Lumberjack at Momad Shoes Madrid

Sep 25, 2017

The singer SORAYA has been the exception ambassador of  Lumberjack in the International Fair of Footwear and Accessories Momad Shoes. The artist, a lover of shoes, has recognized that for her they are a fetish: “I love the world of footwear, apart, it is a very important garment inside my closet, because with so many trips and so many airports, choose a good footwear is basic “.

Soraya, who has in her wardrobe more than 100 pairs of shoes, has highlighted the new collection of Lumberjack colorful variety. For the occasion, the singer chose black moccasins reinterpretados with tacks, with which she recognized to feel very comfortable: “They are a little like us today, they have that urban touch but they are also comfortable. In addition, they are shoes that take care of the environment and contact with nature, which is very important. As I am, I am from Extremadura and I come from an environment where nature is taken care of. “

When journalists have asked her what her ideal shoe would look like, Soraya has argued that it depends on the moment she likes to dress with one style or another: “When I get on the stage I like to wear a good heel to style me and have something special, that shine or have some stone or glitter” she said. However, when he goes out on the street, he likes to wear a shoe that attracts more attention and that is a little more striking: “Shoes in which design and quality, like those proposed by LumberJack, prevail.” For Soraya, the shoes are the main garment and therefore, from which he builds the rest of his stylism, when ask me for advice on how to dress I always say take a good pair of shoes and make it the centerpiece. From there I play to combine with the rest of the wardrobe. “ If that day wants to stand out, Soraya always chooses shoes that have some heel, that are comfortable and stylish.

Soraya presents Lumberjack collection at Momad Shoes with Brand CEO Andrea Vecchiato


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