What is a cookie?
Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded on the user’s device when visiting a web page. Their ultimate purpose is to recognise each user every time they access the web site, also allowing quality to be improved and to offer better use of the web site.

Cookies are essential for operation of the Internet; they cannot damage the user’s equipment / device and, if they are activated in your browser configuration, they help to identify and resolve possible operating errors in the web site.

Qué cookies se utilizan en esta web
In that sense, the web site may use Cookies to customise the language, that allows the language chosen by the users to be established and maintained every time they visit the web site.

The web is designed using tools provided by the WordPress platform, owned by the American company Automattic, Inc., that include the power to add social network linking and sharing buttons, as well as a web visit statistics service. Those tools may be implemented on this web and, in order for them to work correctly, precisely two types of cookies are used for them to work properly: social network sharing information and WordPress Stats, that are used on this web site.

Regarding possible cookies implemented on this web page, related to WPML plugin, there we find:

  • _icl_current_language – Stores the current language
  • _icl_current_admin_language_{hash} – Stores the current WordPress administration area language.
  • _icl_visitor_lang_js – Stores the redirected language.
  • wpml_browser_redirect_test – Tests if cookies are enabled.
  • wpml_referer_url – Stores the last requested URL on the front-end.
  • wpml_admin_referer_url – Stores the last requested URL on the back-end.

Configuration by the user to avoid Cookies

In compliance with the legal regulations in force, we provide you the information that allows you to configure your Internet browser/s to maintain your privacy and security in relation to Cookies. Due to this, we provide you the information and links from the official support sites of the main browsers so you may decide whether or not to accept use of Cookies.

Thus, you may block Cookies by using your browser’s configuration tools, or you may configure your browser to notify you when a server wishes to save a Cookie:





The user shall be understood to accept use of cookies by continuing to browse this web page without previously proceeding to deactivate them.